Monday, November 17, 2008

christianbookreviews (link)"Not by Scripture Alone: A Catholic Critique of the Protestant Doctrine of Sola Scriptura" (1997) was put together by Robert Sungenis. This was my 2nd time to read it, the first time being back in '01. I guess a month and a half isn't too bad for a book this size. I can't say much about it without expressing how much the debate saddens me, and I don't feel like doing that today, so that's all I'm gonna say about this book. Yes, I do recommend it, even though parts are very repetitive, and most of it causes you to ask, "How long, oh Lord? Maranatha."

Well, everything seems...pretty much in line here lately. Coming to grips with reality is helpful. Unfortunately, my reality seems to always be changing. Oh. Right. That's life. Or something. Coming up in the near I'm taking a chair massage class for some Continuing Education Units. It's been a looong time. Mom turns 50 in 2 weeks, so that should be fun. So, I'd better get ready to go back to school for the day. help.

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