Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Diamond Jubilee History"A Diamond Jubilee History of the Sacred Heart Parish: 1889-1964, Muenster, Texas" was written by Thomas R. Moster, O.S.B., around 1964. The author, Brother Thomas, taught my mom. I enjoyed reading this history of our little town. My only complaint is that much of the first section was in German, and no English translation is provided in the book. Maybe it's supposed to add to the flavor and remind you what it must've been like to be an immigrant and not know the language. They were going to teach us German at Sacred Heart. It was supposed to start with my class, and every year the class would be added to our next grade level. It started in 2nd grade, and that's also where it ended. We learned to count to 10 and to recite the German alphabet. I guess we learned some songs, too. Anyway, it wasn't enough for me to be able to read those parts of this book.

Well, yesterday we went to the funeral for my Great Aunt Mary (Wiedemann) Moster.
Mary MosterAccording to the front of this Diamond Jubilee book, this copy was given to my mom by Mary back in 1993 after the death of Mary's mother, my great grandmother, Mrs. Frank Yosten. It turns out that Mary is in this book! Kinda cool, no? Ok, well, this is from page 300:Garden ClubThese are the Civic League-Garden Club Officers. From left to right is Mrs. Steve Moster (Mary Wiedemann), Treasurer; Mrs. Ramie N. Fette (Elfreda Luke), Secretary; Mrs. Henry Weinzapfel (Janie Hellman), Vice President; Mrs. Richard Cain (Eula Grace Hogan), President.

So what's going on in Muenster at the present? Well, this week is the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. There was an ecumenical prayer service on Monday night involving all the churches in town...oh, wait, there are only two! Anyway, I thought it was really cool. Right now I belong to neither church, and I'm not sure exactly what to do next other than pray. A lot. You see, the main reason I'm not Catholic is that, well, I've missed Mass knowingly and willingly. To get back into good graces with the Church, I would need to go to confession. However, I'm not convinced that I need to confess my sins to a priest to acquire forgiveness. So, I'm stuck. Then, I'm not a Baptist because, well, I haven't been an adult, since that's the only form they recognize. So it's kind of a messy situation. Am I being too...I don't even know what. But it's hard to pray when Christ's body is so broken. At home and abroad. So, man, I dunno. Here in Muenster in the present, we're just makin' it through another day.

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