Thursday, February 12, 2009

Child StarChild Star: An Autobiography was written by Shirley Temple Black in 1988. It's so very well written, and the story just flows. I really had no idea that she was in so many films. She acted for 19 years, and she was in 57 movies. I have seen 10 of them, but it's been a very long time. Anyway, it's a good story and a great book.

As for me, I'm leaving tomorrow for a weekend visit to Longview. I'm planning on doing a little fishing with Amy, but it's prolly gonna be super duper cold. And hopefully I'll make it to the LeTU basketball games.

I'm out of practice when it comes to thinking of things to put on here. I do want to say that I appreciate love, but, right now, maybe just for this week or this year, whether it's right or wrong, I value respect more. I really want respect. That is all.

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