Monday, January 05, 2009

R.G. LeTourneau: Mover of Men and Mountains was written by R.G. himself in 1960. At that time, he was 71. My copy was printed in 1972, R.G. having died in 1969. This was my second time to read this book. The first time I read it was when I was still at LeTU. Now was an interesting time to read it, considering that it has been recently suggested that my life's aspirations are a bit low. Mr. LeTourneau was working for God his whole life. He was always coming up with new ideas for machines that would help humanity and glorify God. I remind myself of the dude in the Bible, nevermind. That's personal.

So, 2009 has arrived. It has jumped off with a couple of funerals. This morning is the funeral for my Great Aunt Henrietta Fisch. Wednesday is the funeral for my dad's cousin (my 1st cousin, once removed), Dwayne Hess. They say these things come in 3's, but I'm not convinced. This weekend I get to go watch Holly's team play UT-Arlington. That should be fun. Other than that, I reckon I'm just in survival mode.

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