Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Building a Web Site For DummiesBuilding a Web Site for Dummies was written by David Crowder (not the band) and published in 2007. I think I bought it about a year ago. I was looking more for information on actual construction. This book mostly just gives lists of potentially valuable website tools, and then it tells you step-by-step how to install them and use them. Eh. Pretty boring for me. I guess I'm not such a Dummy then when it comes to building a website. I've had this here site you're reading for a long time, but it doesn't really count. So I guess I'm just curious as to how one can start with a blank page and turn it into a fully functional page or site. And I guess it's not as magical as I thought it was...'cause apparently everyone uses a builder program. No one really writes in code language. Alright, I guess some folks do, but the trick is that you just don't have to anymore. Even on this Blogger site, you can just click the right buttons to make stuff happen. Man, I remember when I actually had to type the code to post a link or image. I guess it was good for me. Anyway, I read the book, but I'm not sure if I got anything out of it. Perhaps it did make me feel a bit smarter.

And feeling smart is nice. It doesn't happen all that often, you know. Let's, hmm. I'm looking forward to the Germanfest. I'm making the mom bike with me in the rally. We'll have fun. And then we'll drink a beer or two. I'm prolly gonna make a weekend run to Longview next month. And I quite possibly might be going to Miami in June. But, you know, I was readin' about this 5K that they do over in Alvord. It's called "Bare as You Dare". I think maybe I should start training for that. It's not 'til October. Hey, the faster you finish it, the sooner you get to put your clothes back on. Is that motivation or what? What? No, really...what??

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