Monday, April 20, 2009

From Hometown to Hollywood & Every Step in BetweenI wouldn't normally do a "book" review on a magazine, but I also don't normally read them from cover to cover. I used to read every issue of Western Horseman like that, but I haven't had time to do that sort of thing since...long time. Anyhow, this magazine, "Life Story: Miley," had quite a bit of meat to it. Since I'm already Miley's #1 my town and my age, at least...I already know quite a bit about her life story, but I did learn a couple of new facts. It had some good stuff about the making of her movie. Speaking of the movie, it was pretty good. It was pleasantly predictable but not so much that it wasn't entertaining. The music was great, and I have already memorized the soundtrack. I'm still working on the Hoedown Throwdown dance. You can learn it, too, if you click on the picture above. I'd be doing better at learning it if Miley hadn't taught Mandy the WRONG way on her vlog! But everyone loves it when pop stars make mistakes, so I guess it's alright. Besides, I'm still not sure which way is REALLY right.

But that's not really true. I mean, I don't really like it when pop stars make mistakes. I just want Miss Miley to grow up more gracefully than I did. I want that for everyone. I'm not exactly sure that I have grown up just yet, but I'd better soon 'cause next year is my 10-year reunion!! Speaking of which, I/we need to figure out what we're/I'm going to do for that. I hope people will come. All 23 of's see...maybe 7 spouses? Yeah, most of us are still single, it seems. Another one (Debra) bites the dust next month. Anyways, come to Germanfest this weekend! Cheer for me and momma in the bike rally on Saturday!

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