Monday, May 04, 2009

Marley & MeMovie review?? Yes, I, I really don't know. Let me get right to my point. The guy character in this movie is a newspaper worker, and he gets promoted to do his own column. And that got me to thinking about how similar his column writing was to blogging. And I started wondering what amount I could get paid weekly if I was still a regular blogger. Well, I mean, I'd have to be a little more professional about it all, obviously. But most likely newspaper is not going to survive too much longer. Will columnists still have jobs? As bloggers?? Heh. It's sad when things go out of style or use. Ugh, I am definitely out of style. Past my prime. Anyway, I didn't hate this movie. I expected that I would hate it because out-of-control animals drive me nuts. And dogs in general drive me nuts, but this movie focused more on the family. Anyhow, another Monday is upon us. I'm heading east this east Texas, that is. 'Twill be good to get outta town.

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