Monday, June 08, 2009

Texas Notary Public ManualWell, here's an unusual one. Yes, you probably already know that I'm a notary now. I figured I should try to follow the law in at least one area of my life, so I read the manual. Who does that? I think that more people would if the thing didn't repeat itself AT LEAST 3 times on every point. Then, at the end, it lists the laws out in actual law form. The first part is sort of an interpretation of those laws, which I assume is supposed to be easier for the common person to read. It's not. They would have done better just to list the laws, and the booklet would probably have taken only a couple hours to read. As it is, our government, in its wisdom, as outdone itself yet again. And my time was wasted on top of their time, and their time equals my money. Hey, I'm just sayin' least I have a cool stampy stamp.

Today is the day. 10am is the time. Yup, I'm trying to get Miley concert tickets. It's not til October, but tickets tend to disappear in a matter of minutes. 5,000 will go on sale this morning. On Wednesday, AmericanExpress cardholders can buy theirs, and then on Saturday they go on sale for real. I'm gonna try to be part of the 5,000. I even joined MileyWorld. Had to, you see. Wish me luck. I'm gonna wait til I have the tickets before I start practicing screaming like a girl. Yes, like a 9 year old girl. You know it makes you smile.

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