Monday, July 06, 2009

Texas Hunting and Fishing RegulationsDid you know that if you catch the largest bass in Texas for the year, you can win a lifetime fishing license? I got the impression that it has to be at least 13 lbs. I think the biggest bass I've ever caught was 5 lbs. 13 lbs is a very big fish. I get the feeling that they don't wanna give you anything for free. There are way too many rules out there. Reading this after the notary book has been a major overload of laws and rules. The funny thing is, I retained more about the rules of hunting from a conversation on the golf course a couple weeks ago. They were talking about some of the trouble their sons had gotten in with the game warden. Everyone's always telling me that we should go spotlighting...not to shoot anything, but just to look. Apparently that's a good way to catch a glimpse of the illusive game-us warden-us also. Just don't have a gun in the vehicle when you're doing it, or you'll go to jail. The laws make me sad. But it's even sadder that I have no desire to hunt anything. I think I might be a bad Texan. And I still don't understand why I need a license for non-commercial fishing. It's sad. The more I know about law, the more I detest it. Too bad. It could have made me rich.

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