Friday, July 10, 2009

Shot in the Arm"Shot in the Arm" was published by Weight Watchers in 2007. The author, Sharon Riguzzi, died the following year. You can read her obituary if you click on the picture. This is one of those inspirational books that you're not supposed to read straight through. The entries were originally meant to be weekly anecdotes. I've been needing a big "shot", so I read them all at once. I dunno if I'm inspired or not yet. I guess we'll have to find out at the weigh-in on Monday. No, I haven't been moving forward on the weight-loss journey. In fact, I've been stuck in the same spot since around December. That's over half a year, you know. I guess part of it was my brain re-adjusting. Part of it was giving people a chance to get used to it. Part of it was just laziness. I can't say that I'm out of the rut just yet, but I am getting closer to being fed up with it. I'm still not really sure what the goal is. To be able to make the lifetime membership, I have to reach a weight that I haven't seen since, oh, 5th grade if I remember correctly. I started pumping iron in the 6th grade. Eh, I dunno...who needs goals anyway? This little book says that I do. I think. It insinuated that I need them at least. I guess I'll consider considering what my goals might be if I was a person who made goals. It couldn't hurt too much.

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