Monday, July 20, 2009

One Night with the KingThis was a 2-movie weekend. Saturday we went to the State Theater to see "One Night with the King", which was sponsored by my old church, Dove Chapel. This was my second time to see the movie. Actually, I think I own the DVD, but I'm not sure anymore. Anyway, it was plenty good. I do have to complain a little about the sound quality in the old theater. Man, I haven't seen a movie in there in sooo long! I remember, though. There used to be this wavy red carpet on the walls. I wish I could remember some of the old movies.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceYesterday mom went with me to see Harry Potter. The theater was just about filled all the way, so it must have been the place to be. Compared to the It just wasn't quite as entertaining. Emma Watson's touching scenes were plenty good. As far as movies in general go, though, it was worth seeing. You won't get any spoilers from me, but you know how it goes - the unending struggle against evil.

Which is interesting. I know these two movies are two completely different worlds, but they both have the hero/heroine. Evil is trying to destroy them. They need help from their friends. So how damaging is all this magic stuff to the kiddos? I think it's not very, but I'm pretty desensitized. I have yet to read any of the books. I probably might soon. We'll see.

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