Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Texas Wildlife ID GuideOk, so this isn't really a book. It's just 45 pages, and it's mostly pictures. If you click on this picture, you can read the entire thing yourself in .pdf... Well, that's actually the 2005 version. The one that I have is from 2000. I'm sure wildlife hasn't changed much since then. Mom picked this up for me in Decatur so that I could check out the birds in it. I dunno if it'll help me much. Everything I learned last year has already left me. Birding is hard! But show me a horse, and I can tell you quite a bit about its breeding and coloring. I'm glad this guide talked about fox squirrels and gray squirrels. I'm always mesmerized when I see a gray one. We have fox ones all over here, but not the others. Speaking of wildlife, we sure did see a lot of deer out on the Jordan Park trail Sunday. Lots of other horsey riders, too. It's a game preserve - no hunting - and we horsey people appreciate that, especially on the opening weekend of whitetail season. We saw some cardinalis cardinalis. Yup, that's still about the extent of my bird knowledge. There was a diving duck, too...let me consult my guide...hmm, I don't see him in there. He flew away anyhow.

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