Sunday, May 23, 2010

Class of 2000So this was 10 years ago. Boy, we did that well. And we didn't even practice. Speaking of practice, I got to go to a friend's dance recital yesterday. It was mostly ballet, and it was mostly younger kids who just waved their arms around and twirled out of unison, which sort of made me dizzy. But even that, and especially the older dancers, obviously required a lot of practice. It made me think of my "dancing days" in dance team. It's impressive that I can remember anything from that long ago. Such as the moves to that dance we did in the 8th grade. But we were talking about practice, not memories. I think we need to practice hooking up to the horse trailer again today. Next weekend is the big test - we'll be hauling down to Granbury and then Glen Rose. It should be good for pictures.

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