Friday, July 02, 2010

reflectingI was eatin' lunch yesterday at Pizza Inn. It was an interesting crowd - mostly men. I overheard just one part of one conversation. The man said, "Pretty much the only good thing about her going with that boy is his truck." :)

Well, the weekend is just about here. A lot depends on the weather. 50% chances of rain the next 3 days, and then still 40% on Monday. I get Monday off, but I dunno what I'm gonna do with it. At least maybe with the rain there won't be any fireworks turning into fires. Usually that's a big concern this time of year. Perhaps the oil spill is affecting our weather. I guess this here rain we're about to get is from the hurricane. Wonder if it'll drop any oil on us. Ain't heard no one talkin' like it could. I suppose oil doesn't really do the condensation thing.

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Janette said...

Hey that's pretty cool; that picture of you and Lucky reflected on the side of your horse trailer; I like it!