Thursday, July 08, 2010

baked grasshopperI'm not sure how to tell you about this without you thinking I'm a total freak. I finally caught some grasshoppers and baked 'em. I put some garlic and onion powder on 'em, baked 'em at 200 degrees for about an hour. They turned out about like popcorn! But it's still odd. Now I'mma try some on my spinach salad. Like croutons! But here's the crazy part. When I was planning this, I was wondering how I could kill them. I mean, you catch 'em, but then what? Well, I decided, since I didn't have a real grasshopper container anyhow, that I'd just decapitate them as I caught them. Okay, so I did that. Then I put 'em in the fridge 'til I could cook 'em. And a couple hours later I put 'em on the pan. But when those headless bodies felt the heat, they started jumpin' all over inside the oven! They calmed down and cooperated after a few minutes. Ya know, I always thought my first time to eat bugs would be in a foreign country. Or maybe if I was starving. In conclusion, I don't think I'll cook 'em again. I am not John the Baptist, and I'd rather eat pretty much anything other than locusts. Thanks, dad, for trying them with me!


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Thainamu said...

This wins as the most unusual thing I've read about somebody doing today. :-)

I've eaten bugs myself, but it *was* in a foreign country!

Prairie said...

I think if you put a cooling rack on top of them they would probably hold still. Did you put some olive oil on them? Perhaps they dried out to much.