Monday, September 27, 2010

The Hovering DarknessAh, so that's what the cover looks like. My copy doesn't have one anymore. I found it during the community-wide garage sale two weeks ago. "The Hovering Darkness" by Evelyn Berckman has a copyright of 1957, but the first printing was in 1974. Wait a this website says 1940. And it shows a different cover...ummm...I guess it doesn't matter? I like this cover better. So this was a mystery/romance, but definitely more just a mystery, which made it better, says me. I enjoyed the read, even though I started realizing early on that a lot of the vocabulary was above my reading level. Who would expect that from a paperback? It was always cold on Denny's ship, and it's starting to get cold here. I do not approve.

WAIT A SECOND...that cover says $.40, but I paid around $.75 for my copy. Blasted inflation! Oh, and I forgot to mention that I found a coupon for Velveeta from 1992 and a piece of Easter grass in the pages of this book.

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