Sunday, September 26, 2010

How about some old journal action. I don't have an entry for this specific day 10 years ago, so we'll just go with the next one.

Wednesday, September 27, 2000
Do I belong in college at all? I ain't doing so great in classes. Yesterday after most of a yucky day of classes, we left at 4:30 for ETBU in Marshall. We lost. I didn't play. I had to write papers late at night. Today I was sleepy. I gave out yearbooks at lunch time in MSC1. Practice was making more sense, but I think Hannah quit. Me n Keya went to Sonic.
"...ya'll goin' make me go all-out, up in here, up..."

Ah, that volleyball. It nearly did kill me. And after all those trips we took to ETBU, I still couldn't tell you how to get there. Most of the schools we went to, I could find 'em back without a map, but not that one, the closest one. Odd, huh? I even went there once for a non-sporting outing, to chill with the basketball boys there. Yuck, gross.

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