Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And now [drum roll please] the screenshots from last night's episode of Lone Star on Fox...filmed in and around Muenster! Not that the whole episode was filmed here, but we still had a few seconds of fame. I forget whose land this was on, but you can see the windmills that are out north of town.
north of Muenster
And in this photo, you can see The Center Restaurant. I'm almost certain that there aren't normally booths in there, but we'll just have to do some research on that. They have a really good salad bar.
at the Center
So, isn't that fun!? Yes, yes it is. I wonder if any of the other episodes will have scenes from 'round here. We shall see.

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Querida said...

Coolness. Hooray for a few seconds of fame for Muenster!