Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First, there are not booths in the Center. I ate lunch there yesterday. They brought them in just for that scene. Second, yes, the show Lone Star has been MOVED, not cancelled. It will now come on Saturday at 10:00pm. Apparently the 3.7 million people who watched it don't really matter to Fox...

Grasslands - Valley View AreaThis is what we did on Sunday. We rode the Blue Trail at the Grasslands, and this windmill is at the Valley View Group Camp. The Blue Trail is the only one that goes through there, and it was my first time to ride that trail and my first time to see that camping area. It's just a tad nicer than TADRA. It was built by the dog trial group for their dog trials. Um, what's a dog trial...I'm not exactly sure. I guess it could be when they make the cow or sheep dogs do their thing. But I guess it could also be for retrievers and bird, I dunno! We usually avoid the area when we know that a dog trial is happening, so...maybe we'll have to actually go once and check it out. Here's one coming up: November 19 - 21 - NBHA Western Regional Ch. - 11/19-21/2010 - Event Type : Regional Championship - Host : TX Bird Hunters Assoc. - Location : LBJ Grasslands WMA Decatur, TX.

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