Friday, October 01, 2010

SHS Class of 2000I started this post this morning, but mom blew a fuse when she turned on the microwave.

So much going on! And this week has flown by due to way too much work. I feel like an experiment in motivational techniques. Don't ask where that came from - I'm quite exhausted. But after today is tomorrow. But first, today [and that's when the fuse blew]...

This evening was homecoming, and my class, that of the year 2000, got recognized at half time. There were 8 of us there, but only 6 went on the field. I figure that's about how many that'll show up tomorrow night for the reunion that just HAD to happen...Adrienne will be there with her hubby Matt. EA will be there. Debra will be there with Keith. Kayla will be there. Kristen will be there with Ross. Stephen will prolly be there with Kimberly. Matthew should be there with Tanda. Josh will probably come with Iva after he gets done bartending at Vegas Night. Dunno about Matt. Dunno about Sarah the Kelley-type. Jessica should be, but I haven't heard. Dunno if Michelle's coming in from Amarillo or not. Glenn isn't that far away, but I doubt that he'll come. Sayaka is back in Japan, I assume. Adam is wherever the PGA tour is...Mississippi, it seems. Haven't heard from Melissa. Dunno about Carrie. Diana was in Colorado the last I heard. Melanie said she would come, but I haven't heard from her lately. Barbara's in Germany as far as I know. Lee is in Georgia or maybe North Carolina. Jana's in Arizona. Anne's in New York at Cormell. Joanna's in Montana. Jenni is in London working. Gina's in San Francisco purifying rat hypothalami.

Oops, they're calling me. I'm supposed to go to the KC Hall and get some free beer. Yes. That does sound like a good idea.

Oh, I forgot Sam. Last I knew he was in Gainesville, so he's got no reason not to show...except I might have also forgotten to send him an invitation...

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