Saturday, October 02, 2010

YostenThis is my grandpa (mom's dad) and his siblings. The picture was taken at the farm sometime in the 1980s. Left to Right in the back is Felix, Ferd and Henry (grandpa). In the front is Josephine and Veronica. In the background under the porch is Josephine's husband, Nick Mayer. Grandpa and Josephine are the only ones still alive, and part of next weekend's trip is about going to see my great-aunt Josephine in Chicago. Grandpa is going to fly with me and mom, even though he said he'd never fly again after the war - WWII. The other part of the trip, the original part, is for me to go to Tucker's wedding in Wisconsin. It should be a grand adventure. Well, I'd better get moving. Prairie wants to have breakfast/coffee this morning. Her horsey is sick. She got Star at the same time I got Apache from the same place - the Grayson County Humane Society. They were both victims of starvation. I'll have to get that video on here somehow. I ustacould do that, but the my trusty DVD-to-MPG converter exploded at work. I'm a little afraid to try in on here. Plus I'd have to buy the software again. Sigh. Anyway, we have video of when our horses were on the news before we adopted them. I can't figure out why God made horses to only live around 30 years. Why in the heck should a turtle live to be 150?? Horses should get about about 200 years, I think. But I guess their lives aren't all that easy.

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