Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I believe I shall post a little less here for awhile. I need to exchange some of this fatness for fitness, and the morning time - my blogging time - will have to be forfeit. I'm pretty sure it's a lost cause anyhow judging from the soreness I am enduring, but that's what happens when you sit on your tail day after day. Your muscles leave. I wouldn't have designed it that way, you know. I would have made it so the more you sit and rest, the more muscles you get! And when you exercise, you burn some of those muscles away. Fat, I guess, wouldn't even exist. I'd have to put some more thought into it. Also, I would have designed it so that sweat makes you smell like flowers. Then people would be more encouraged to exercise, and people would like people who exercise more. But I'm obviously not the designer. So, busy week, this one. Today I need to get some songs on dad's MP3 player for the trip. Tomorrow I gotsta look up some caches and get packed. We fly Friday, wedding in St. Louis Saturday, fly back Sunday, and then it's another week of the grind. But the next weekend I'm camping at Ray Roberts. I don't care if anyone comes along, although I'm pretty sure Prairie is planning on it. Mmmm, then comes Thanksgiving which will be in Bridgeport at my uncle's place. THEN we're going to a Mav's game for mom's birthday. That's all I got for now. Gotta go hit them streets.

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Janette said...

Did you ever ask Nancy if she wanted to go with us? We're just camping Saturday night, right?