Sunday, November 07, 2010

Andrew & StacieThis picture was taken in 2002 at my cousin Tara's wedding. I didn't get to go 'cause of school. These are my cousins, Andrew and Stacie. I post it because Stacie stole one of my hay bales yesterday. She needed it for her dog house. Andrew was in ca-hoots 'cause she was taking some to him, too, for his dogs, and I bet it was his idea to nab my hay. I saw her there, with her trunk open and the bale there. I didn't tell her they were MY bales. I just said that I could loan her a nifty hay bag so she could zip it up nice and neat and not have to get loose hay all over inside her car. And then I forced her to go on a horsey ride with me. But I never said, "Hey, hay is $5.00 a bale!" Nope. How can you steal grass? No one cares. Now processed grass, that's different. But I don't mind. I was amused. I didn't know she could lift a haybale. Um, anyway, that was my excitement for yesterday. Most likely for the whole weekend. But I don't think I'll go to work today. Perhaps if I just work normal hours, the bossman will realize just how badly, I...need more help. Help!


Janette said...

WOW Andrew looks so young! Well, I guess he was only 14 years old when this picture was taken on March 2, 2002...about to turn 15 a couple of weeks from then. Stacie was 17, would've turned 18 that November. Such sweet-looking accomplices! Heh! Like Baby-Face Nelson, perhaps? TeeHee!

Janette said...

I remember that night, we had snow or sleet or something that day, and everyone was afraid that the roads would get too bad for traveling, but we all made it just fine, as I recall. A nice wedding & reception there at The Dutchman in Lindsay.