Saturday, November 06, 2010

I listen to this radio show whenever I can and remember. The live version plays from 2-4pm Monday through Friday, but they loop the same program when the old one ends until the next one starts. So you can always hear it on their website if you click "Listen Up!". The show is called Wretched. They used to be on the local Christian radio station, but then they got booted for some reason. Perhaps because they pick on so many people and organizations? No one is off limits, but their purpose is in the name - Wretched refers to, well, me. "I am the wretch the song refers to," is what they say. They use the law to show people why they need a savior. Simple enough. It used to be called Way of the Master Radio. They also do a YouTube show. Here's one of the lasted episodes:

Sooo, that's sort of a plug for them. You should check it out.

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