Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tired much?Everyone loves Apache. How could you not? He was yawning before our ride (thus the photo) and he was yawning again when we got back. Katie was mocking him (upper right corner). Yup. Straight from the horse's mouth. You know what that saying means, right? Okay, I thought you would, but I was just checking. You can ask me later if you don't know...and you care. Anyhow, the Tigerettes played softball yesterday. They won the game 38-25. I did not exactly witness this 'cause I only made it about 3.5 innings. How is a score like that even possible? Especially considering we were losing like 12-1 after the first inning. I'm not sure if I even like softball anymore. I certainly don't like sitting in the stands. Even still, I'm planning on going to see some of the games of the NCAA D I championship in OKC. That's different. None of those games will go to 63 runs, and it's not likely that they'll last over 3 hours. The umpires prolly won't show up 30 minutes late, either. One can only hope.

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