Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bluestem GroveI know, it's like, does she ever post anything other than horse pictures? And, does she ever do anything else with her weekends?? Yeah, well, umm, I had a can of green beans for breakfast. So, see, I CAN be random. So THERE. Me and ma went camping at Ray Roberts on Friday night, which was the night of the perigree moon. People keep using this perigree word, so I'm gonna trust that they know what they're talking about. Anyhow, it was quite bright for sleeping outside. But I managed. Then Prairie came out in the morning with Katie, and the three of us went for a long ride. LONG ride. It was mostly uneventful except when Lucky nearly got stuck in the quicksand. It's so ironic, you see, because he only got in the stuff 'cause he was avoiding the water 'cause he doesn't like to get his feet wet. Of course the horse mind will just see it as another traumatic experience to make water scary. My mind works that way sometimes, too. Anyway, in the picture, behind our camping neighbor Robert's car, is Prairie on Lucky, Katie on Apache, and me on Ranger. HAPPY SPRING!!!


Thainamu said...

Did you see this on the news?

Your story sounded like that story!

tank said...

Ha, sure enough! We know someone whose horse got stuck at the edge of Lake Texoma, and they had to hire a crane for $1,500 to get it out. Ouch!