Friday, March 18, 2011

dad me & SherieThis was from our ride at the Grasslands last Sunday. I'm glad we stuck with our plans to go out there. We parked at the dog trial place off the blue and orange trails...Valley View is the name of it. I think. It does give you a pretty good view of a valley to the north, so that makes sense. In case you can't tell, L to R is dad on Lucky, me on Ranger, and Sherie on Apache. Poor Sherie. She was gonna use her old saddle (which we kinda "permanently borrowed") and we found that one of the stirrup fenders was in disrepair, so I took it in to Cheaney's for an overhaul, and now we're anxiously awaiting the finished product. Lotsa parts are gonna be replaced and (drum roll please) it's gonna finally have strings on it!! Why not just buy a new saddle, you ask? Nastalgia, I suppose. Surely it won't cost me THAT much for the fixing and conditioning...I guess we'll find out.

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