Thursday, March 17, 2011

Prairie gave me this book for my birthday, I'm pretty sure. Who can remember from December? "The Horse God Built: The Untold Story of Secretariat, the World's Greatest Racehorse" was written by Lawrence Scanlan in 2007. I really did not like this book. I didn't HATE it, and it had some interesting information in it, but it's just so squishy. Romantic? I was shocked about 100 pages into it when I realized that it was written by a man. It's just...yes, I think I'll stick with squishy. I mean, if you were REALLY into horse racing, perhaps you'd like it. I can't imagine reading this book without already knowing the basic story of Secretariat. And I'm sure I learned some stuff. Can you tell that I'm REALLY stretching to find good things to say about it? I'm sorry, Prairie! It just wasn't my style. But I did like the parts where the author talked about what it must be like to ride a Thoroughbred. He didn't seem to have any practical experience in that area. I got to do it once. I breezed Prairie's Ricky one time...I wonder if he's in the All Breed Database...can't remember how to spell his name. Anyway, he was a Thoroughbred ex-racehorse, and I ran him just one time. He was fast. It scared me a little, actually. All I could think about was how those skinny-legged horses seem to always be breaking their legs and going down. And I don't recall every being small enough to pretend to be a jockey. So I was sure that we would crash and burn, but we didn't. And it was worth it. That horse prolly needed about 3 miles of that every day, and maybe he wouldn't have been such a nut. He was certainly not cut out for the peaceful trail ride. Back to the book...apparently this guy has written several other books prior to this one. The cover is catchy. I just think it's a stink bomb.

So. It feels like that took FOREVER to read, but I guess it hasn't been that long since I've been here talking to you, faithful reader. Work has remained busy, and I have remained mostly overwhelmed. I actually had to do a CONFERENCE CALL yesterday. I don't want to be an adult anymore. Tomorrow night we're going camping at Ray Roberts with a horse or two. It bein' Spring Break, every campsite is full, so it should be interesting. We'll be back Saturday in time for the A.B.B.A. fundraiser. I've been to a couple track meets already this month. I like seeing all the different school colors all over. I like the way everyone always seems to know what event is next and where they need to be to get it done. And I like to watch the records fall, like when Bob Bartush broke the school record for the 800 last week. I have a school record, you know. Just thought I'd throw that in there...get it, THROW...the record is in discus. I chucked that sucker quite a ways a couple times. Just enough times to get on the record board. But I'll always remember how I didn't win it at State my senior year. So what good is a record? But I guess even Secretariat lost a couple races.

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Prairie said...

The book was me. :( Sometimes those are hit and miss. Sorry! I'm excited about the trail ride though. And I'll do better next year, lol. ;)