Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Same Kind of Different As MeTrue stories are always the best kind. "Same Kind of Different As Me" was written in 2006 by Ron Hall and Denver Moore, the main characters in the story along with Ron's wife Deborah. Lou gave me this book, and I'd already heard a little about it from Kayla. It's set mainly in the Fort Worth area, so that makes it even better. Yes, you should read it. I dunno much else I can say about it. It was a very good gift...thanks Lou!

So I made it back from Longview. I noticed that I was noticing different things, now that I'm old(er). I dunno if I can explain the difference, but it was kinda interesting to me. For me. I even stopped by St. Mary's to see my old 8:30am peeps. They sorta remembered me, and I sorta remembered them. I told 'em I'd try to make it to Sunday school class when/if I make it back in April. I'd like to. I can't explain that one, either. But prolly the best part of the trip was on the way home, when I stopped for a bit at a roadside park, and there was a trucker and his old dog there, too, stretching their legs. We waved at each other. That was it. But it was good.

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