Tuesday, June 28, 2011

me & MelanieThe Bowie rodeo weekend was quite the success...for us at least. The contestants had quite a time of it. There were at least two broken necks - one pretty grey horse and one 72 year-old man. But the man is still alive as far as I know. Then there was a barrel racer whose saddle broke on turn 2, and she bit the dirt pretty hard. Two came off during the pantie race. Oh, and at the very beginning on day 1, one of the queen candidates got bucked off. That's just a small sampling. Sometimes it seems like that stuff comes in waves. It certainly wasn't in threes, though. This picture is from the parade on Friday - me on Ranger and Melanie on Dixie. We rode with the Montague County Cowboy Church, and we went there on Sunday morning.

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