Sunday, September 18, 2011

BTW, does anyone wanna go to the conference with me? Starts at noon on Friday, October 8, and goes to 4:00pm on Saturday, October 9, in Keller.

Just thought I'd ask. Anyhow. We went to the Henrietta rodeo last night, and it was totally and completely rained out. I've never seen such a thing. Well, maybe I have, but I had certainly forgotten what that much rain can look like. We sat in the car while it poured for an hour, and then the storm knocked out the power for the arena, so then we went on home. But before the rain hit, we got to see their grand entry with (I think it was) 251 horses. Humongo! And we also saw a few bronc riders. I wonder what they ended up doing with all the contestants and their events and entry fees. They can't just cancel it completely, so maybe they'll finish today.

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