Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy ides of September. I just saw that a movie called "The Ides of March" is coming out this month. Umm...yeah. It was rated R. But it looks pretty good. George Clooney - can't go wrong there. Free advertisement.

So it's the ides, the 15th. This is only significant because the almost former resident of Dad's rent house was either going to be moved out by this 15th or by October 15. I haven't heard, so I'm assuming it'll be another month. After some painting, floor work, utilities work, yard work, and whatever else turns out to need doing, I'll be moving to the rent house! 408 North Sycamore Street. Yes, you can expect pictures of the progress. You know, I lived there 'til I was three years old. Here's me there in 1984:


A honker Halloween. I prolly won't be moved by this Halloween. But maybe by Christmas. Surely we'll be finished by the Ides of March.

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