Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stacie & AndrewIt's hard to believe that I used to babysit for these kiddos. Cousin Andrew got hitched on Saturday, and the other one in the picture is his sister, Cousin Stacie. It was a nice wedding and a pretty swell party. He found a pretty good gal, too. Poor cousin Andrew, though. He's the only male child of the Yosten clan that got the Yosten name, so he's got a lotta baby-making to do ;) Which reminds me of yesterday when the radio man was joking to a caller who had 4 kids about how busy he must be, you know, baby-making. Four? Really? Because my mom had 5 siblings and dad had 8. So 4 children is a good start, I'd say. Of course, there's just me. Moving on. Looks like I'm gonna go out and help grandpa sow some seed this morning. They've got rain on our forecast starting on Thursday, so keep your fingers crossed.

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