Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We went to see Courageous on Sunday.

It was a tear-fest, but you kinda just ought to see it despite the torture it provides. What a ministry that Sherwood church has with its movie making! It kinda makes you wonder where the outreach section is in your own church.

Hey, how about those Rangers?! They sure do get the old heart rate up, though. Baseball makes opportunities for heroes more than most sports, I'd say. Cruz got to be the man last night. I had my own hero moment in softball. I hope you've gotten to have that feeling of saving the day. Maybe it was that last-second shot. Or maybe it wasn't sports-related at all. Maybe you were just in the right place at the right time. I like to call 'em opportunities for greatness, but that goes WAY beyond sports. Here's one for ya. It's kinda long. Two videos in one day. You'll just have to fogive me if you can. This guy is still alive, and that gives him a big opportunity for greatness.

Will you see your opportunity today? Don't miss it!

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Janette said...

I watched both videos, the second one first. It might be a bit long, but it sure held me captive. What a great find! Thanks for sharing that! As for COURAGEOUS, I truly believe that good things will come from this movie. EVERYONE should watch it! Everyone. How heartening it was to witness a movie that glorifies God like that!