Wednesday, November 02, 2011

paintedAnd the outside is finished! The plumber is coming for his first look this evening, and mom is supposed to talk to the carpenter, so things are still moving along. And I picked up 6 buckets of rocks out of the backyard yesterday. The yard is pretty much sold rock a couple of inches below the soil, and when that giant tree fell down in the big storm, it pulled up a lot of mower-blade-dulling rocks. I'm still not sure how we're gonna fill that giant hole, but mom says the yard work can wait. It can, but it's pretty much the only thing I can do to help. Everything else that needs doing requires professionals.

P.S. If you enlarge this photo and look on the right side of the house in the widow, I'm pretty sure there's a face in there. But there wasn't anyone in the house. We've had another of our pictures come out with a window ghost in it, too. Now we have a new mystery - who is haunting my new house?~!

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