Friday, November 04, 2011

bathroomThe inside of the house is...not quite started. I think it will be another week before the carpenter starts doing his thing - mainly fixing the floor in the bathroom, taking out some cabinets to prepare for installation of a shower and maybe fixing the kitchen cabinet doors so that they'll actually close. You can't really see it in this picture (lucky you), but there's a gaping hole behind the toilet. This evening we clean out the garage, and tomorrow we'll get it hauled off, so progress is still happening.

I had my first visitor at the house the other evening. While we were talking to the plumber, a lady came to the door to had out propaganda for the college. There is a big bond election happening for NCTC, and SOMEONE at my workplace is on the college board, so I don't exactly feel free to give my political thoughts on a $30,704,000 bond for a school that I've never really attended...yeah. Public education in general... Wake up, America!

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