Monday, December 05, 2011

Pike's Peak"All Aboard for America's Mountain: The Manitou and Pike's Peak Railway", written by Claude Wiatrowski, was published in 2007. It's just 64 pages about the history of the cog railway. Mom bought it the last time we were there which was...

Pike's Peak...October 2008. That's mom and dad on the right in the picture. It was my first time to go up the mountain by train, but I'd been up at least once before by car. I have to say that the train was slightly better, but it's still not my favorite thing to do. The altitude is pretty tough on a gal who spends most or her time around 900 feet above sea level. And why go looking for snow? Speaking of the stuff, we have some here today. It's still coming down, in fact. I guess I'd better go walk in it and see if I can catch me a cold so I can miss me some work. Hey, there can be miracles. If you believe.

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