Friday, December 02, 2011

buriedI told them at work that next year I'm gonna save all my vacation time 'til the end of the year. That way, when all of this end-of-the-year closing stuff comes in, I can RUN AWAY!! You don't think I would do that? Oh, yeah, I think I would and SHOULD. So I guess I'll be spending some time at the office this weekend, but that's alright. It keeps me outta trouble. Plus it's gonna be cold and rainy. I really could do with some serious exercise, though. I guess I can get some at Tom Thumb today when I go food shopping. Heh, heh, heh. Not that it's the fault of excessive work that I am so in need of exercise. There's always something to blame my laziness on, and work just sounds good. It's not only possible, but it is more likely to be probable that hard work in one area will make you lazy in another. I guess I can periodically climb up my mountain of paperwork for exercise.

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