Wednesday, February 29, 2012

me & dadThe horse was walking worse yesterday, but it should be just about as bad as it's going to get now. I'm not sure how long recovery will take. Some never really recover, you know. But when he gets to walking, you can tell it makes him feel better. I guess the blood flow gets the bad stuff out. I do feel bad for him. I hate when this kind of preventable stuff happens to animals. I guess I have to take the blame for it.

The house stuff is still on schedule, which means that I should have a toilet by the end of the day today. The post office will start forwarding my mail starting tomorrow, the furniture will arrive on Saturday, and there's no reason at that point for me to not make my own bed and sleep in it.

I still have a few things left to do before then. I gotta get my little change-of-address post cards mailed out (which reminds me that I gotta change my address on my DL and CHL within 30 days), I gotta purchase and help my Uncle Doug hang some blinds on the windows, I gotta do a little packing when I get a chance, I gotta find a cache today to help set a record for, I gotta show up for volleyball tonight and a meeting tomorrow night... That should be about it. Oh, and I need to find time to exercise that horse again. Plus two of the others desperately need exercise, too. And then there's me. But I'm thinking I'll get a little exercise by MOOOOVING this weekend! Wooo!


Prairie said...

Poor guy! Silly old horses otta know better. You need help moving? Or want to go riding?

Ruedi and Whitney said...

i sure hope i get a postcard!

YAY moving!