Friday, March 02, 2012

westerlyThis is the view from my front porch looking west starting tomorrow. TOMORROW!~ I'm skipping work today to pack. I'm also skipping work today because my car wouldn't start yesterday. Dad came and tried to get me going, but it just wouldn't even crank. So he let me take his truck. As I was about to get in, he says, "Oh, by the way, sometimes when the wheel turns a certain way, the horn honks." His steering wheel has been loose for months, but it wasn't randomly honking the last time I drove it. So I assumed it couldn't be that bad. Before I'd even gotten out of the parking lot, and had gotten a big wave from a guy who thought I was honking at him, and I got a glare from a cop who just happened to be in his vehicle in front of me. The honking quit on the highway, but it happened whenever I'd turn a corner. And it happened at the 4-way stop during Gainesville's version of rush hour. I dunno how my dad can put up with that kind of thing. Not that it wasn't an adventure. And, yes, Prairie, this is your old truck that I'm talking about. While I was driving it, it turned over on 255,000 miles. If not for this house project of mine, dad'd prolly be driving something a bit better by now. Makes one think that perhaps one shouldn't be spending so much on her own project. But it's not the first time I've thought that. It should start slowing down now. Just one more biggie next week - the heat stove.

So you might not hear much from me for awhile. I won't have internet until Monday the 12th. I guess I'll need some kinda thing to make this here go wireless? I don't know 'bout this stuff. Reckon I'll find out.

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