Friday, March 09, 2012

SapphireHere I am to check in. I am moved, and I've been sleeping at the new place since Saturday when my furniture arrived...well, most of it arrived. They came in the door with queen size mattresses (my bed is full size), and we finally noticed the mistake when they tried to put 'em in my bed frame. I'm not sure where the error in communication occurred, but now I gotta wait 'til the 17th to have a bed on which to sleep. However, the couch is pretty comfortable. And the stove in the picture, it was installed yesterday. Which is good because it is now cold enough to use it. BUT because it rained yesterday, the gas man rescheduled for Monday, so I have a lovely stove with nothing to burn in it. I've considered burning other things in there 'cause I do get lotsa enjoyment from burning things, but I shall have to wait. It is a Sapphire by Quadra-Fire. I was gonna get a slightly smaller one, but it only vented out the back, and that just didn't work. Normally the chair will hide the fact that I mistakenly did not get a corner hearth pad, so the back corner looks a little odd.

What's been a busy week. I still need to put up a shower curtain, and they guys still need to install my washer & dryer, but the doors back on my cabinets, and get my phone & cable lines put in. Along with my mattresses, I'm still waiting on my computer desk and an ottoman. Sooo, that's about where we're at with all that. I'm ready for this stuff to be DONE. I have a fish fry gathering set for Friday the 30th. I'm not sure who all it will be, but you're invited if you wanna come. Welp, I'd best get moving. I gotta go find me a trash can and some other assorted items.


linda.simons said...

Congratulations on the new place!

Ruedi and Whitney said...

This looks GREAT!!!!!!!

Prairie said...

I am loving the colors!