Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I am just one item of furniture away from being ALL IN. The desk came, but they told me it was damaged, so they ordered another one for me. It just might make it in time for my Open House party on Friday. If you didn't get invited, it's mostly for family, but you can come if you wanna. There will be fried fish, and here's hoping that it doesn't rain. Anyway, last night was my first night with my new mattresses, and it was pretty lovely (especially after 3 weeks on the couch).

So this whole moving thing surely has been a swift kick in the ASSets. I had to scramble a bit to get my monthly trailer payment taken care of this week. I guess being short of funds does kinda give me a little extra motivation to work, but I wasn't really lacking in motivation there. If someone wants to motivate me, why don't they motivate me to exercise and be healthy?? My main motivation for that is preparation for Germanfest. It always kicks me in the tail. There's simply no way to train for standing on my feet and yelling out sausage types and prices all day, all of course while consuming more beer than normal. And this year should be an extra-lotta fun 'cause it's the last year in the City Park.

But before all that comes Easter, to which I am certainly looking forward. I don't say much about Godly things anymore, I know. And I am still stuck in a bit of a rut. But it's Easter, man! And that's why I can face tomorrow - because He lives.

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