Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I have fallen a little behind in my book reviews, but I will fix that now. I'm pretty sure that the only book I read over the winter months was "The Summons" by John Grisham. I suppose it was a good story, but I've noticed lately how all of our entertainment...stories, TV, so full of LIES. I mean, this is a fiction story, so of course it's not true, but there would be no story if the two brothers hadn't started out lying to each other from the beginning. Or maybe they were just keeping things from each other - lying by omission. Either way, it's the lies that make it interesting. Or... Would it be interesting without the lies? I'd like to turn on a TV show just once that didn't feature a lie as the main driver of the plot. I'm tired of 'em. So this was my 2nd Grisham book, and I'm pretty sure that I liked "The Street Lawyer" better.

So life is fairly tame these days. Work was slow for awhile, but now it's not again, so I guess that's nice? I have been without Internet in my house for almost a week, I assume because of the storms, and so that has given me a little extra incentive to read. So hopefully I'll have another review ready for you tomorrow!

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